Turas - sculpture


The title Turas is the Irish for the word Journey. The aluminium sculpture Turas is a commemoration in three-dimensional form, a connection of the past to the present. A work that is symbolic to a past workforce from an empty Tyre factory, once housed in Park West in the outer suburbs of Dublin city. The shapes represent many forms, the tool "the Mill Knife" the men used to cut the rubber which rolled from a large steel roller. Forms of sails to carry the force on a life's Journey. A skull-like form appears as a portrait in solid form. The use of a wooden mallet hammer, creating curves, folds and concave shapes, upturned edges of the patterned reflective sail-like forms. Sculpting is the process of forming an image from solid materials, to shape an object. Physical sensations, recalling to mind, ideas translated into your hands, creating form, a physical form.