Conundrum 8 by Adam Gibney


"Conundrum 8: I am Somewhere between We and they" is a sound art piece which questions the political and personal use of pronouns. Playing a key role in the construction of the self and the other, pronouns help toward the creation and division of societies. Sonic-twitter feeds that include the words 'we' and 'they' are presented as a live calibration test for the 'self'. Adam Gibney is an Irish artist based in Dublin who graduated from the Institute of Art Design and Technology, Dublin, in 2010. His practice is rooted in digital technology, he mainly creates work in sculpture, installation, sound and video. Adam engages with sound, sculpture and electronics as a means to dissect and manipulate language. His work often references knowledge generated by science and philosophy and their points of intersection. His recent artworks have played upon the existential undertones that are present when one questions our inexplicable existence. By manipulating everyday objects and phrases, he is attempting to highlight the relationship between scientific uncertainties and the anxious state we sometimes occupy.