Hello World by Fabien Leaustic


'Hello World' is a sculptural artwork which juggles between a naive optimism and a dark poetic stance. Activated by the presence of the visitor, the work points the drifts of the digital universe. It leaves us to wonder about whether the evolution of digital technologies is actually beneficial or destructive to our lives. When the piece activates it spells out a positive message until the 'O' disappears leaving behind a more dystopian message. Fabien Leaustic is a French artist based in Paris, France. He creates sculptural work which while physical, has an ephemeral aesthetic. The two main elements of his work are water and light which he uses to create an interaction with digital technology. Fabien has a background in engineering and is a graduate of the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris. "My creations are made to fascinate, I find the ingenuity of a machine capable of transporting us elsewhere, to unseen landscapes, the ploy is to seize, to trap the forces of nature, and produce unsuspected effects."