LIGHT-NET by Paula Vitola


"LIGHT-NET" - every communication device has three basic elements - the transmitter, the medium, through which data can be transmitted, and the receiver. The input required to make the communication happen is the language or protocol. "LIGHT-NET" is a primitive, small scale model which mirrors an actual internet signal. It transmits information through the air using just a blinking LED light using a very simple protocol that could be easily decoded with a pencil and a timer. "LIGHT-NET" is part of a series of artworks called "Demystifying the Network" that explores different aspects of communication technology and tries to understand how they work. Paula Vitola is a Latvian artist based in Riga. She works through media, and archaeology, researching relationships between humans and technology. Her work experiments with technology and nature, programming and gadget-hacking. Vitola is currently working on her Doctoral thesis in Liepaja University New Media art programme, where she is exploring the history of electricity and communication technology in media art. She is also curator and organiser of Sound Days festival in Liepaja and Riga, and Co-producer of iWeek a new media international week in Liepaja.